Jul 16

ariajet said: Your Harpy comic was absolutely fantastic! I was wondering, will Bee Knights be made into a comic?

Thank you!!!
Of course I’d love to make a comic of Bee Knights! But I don’t have much time to do nowadays…
However, the first episode is almost shaping up well in my head. I can’t create long series, but someday I’d love to make prototype comic.:3

Jul 15

themrock said: I see someone on Dumm!

Ohhh who is it?(ΦωΦ)

Jul 10



racconconnoisseur said: are you going to do any Rocket Raccoon art soon?

Actually I didn’t know the character until he showed up in MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3. XD
Want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy!


Jul 08

Anonymous said: ピーチ姫の漫画ですが、作画は桜玉吉先生だとおもいます~

Nintendo Powerはほんと長編漫画の宝庫ですね

the-original-antlerbrows said: Do you mind if people draw fan-art of your characters? :D

Sure is!:D
Some friends and kind people drew my OCs!^3^
They are my great treasures!

robofaget said: かなり前の話ですが、The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck の絵を描いたね?その漫画、日本語で読めたの?探しても和訳がなかなかみつかれないんだけど