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Sep 11

Anonymous said: Pardon, i'm new to watching you and I was asking if you had a FAQ? Would that be ok?

Thanks for your watching!:D You can note your question from the link "Ask me anything" on the header of this page. Sometimes I can’t reply promptly, please be patient.(`ω´;)

Anonymous said: Have you ever thought about doing art for video games? I would love to see your art animated in a game!


Anonymous said: What programs do you use for drawing & painting?

SAI = For rough sketch and line art.
Photoshop = For painting.

Anonymous said: I saw you love so many so different cartoons! American, Japanese, French... Do you like "Mysterious cities of gold"? I find it interesting because it's franco-japanese and have senond season made after 30 years! Not remake!

Hi! I don’t know the anime well because it was aired in my country before I was born. But I only know the news Mysterious cities of gold was remade in French. Btw, did you watch New Calimero cartoon?  It’s really cute and cuddly!

jeiae said: Just wanna say you got some seriously rad art, dude! Keep it up!

Thank youuuuuuu! Glad to you like my art! :D
I wanna post more art more fast pace!

Aug 26


pikmin love


pikmin love

Aug 22

Yes your highness!

Yes your highness!

Aug 12



Anonymous said: hey nemuri, you probably heard about the news of Robin Williams Death through the floods of tumblr/twitter posts n the last few hours. what are thoughts on this tragic news?

I think I should see Mrs. Doubtfire for the first time in about a couple of decades.