Apr 11

I heard a great news of Cybersix complete box!!! AGhhhhhhh!

I heard a great news of Cybersix complete box!!! AGhhhhhhh!

Apr 10

coolzeez asked: do you do commissions???

I planned to do such simple commissions:

When I finish my freelance work( I have a lot of tasks now…), I’ll announce the commissions is open!
Thanks for your asking, please send me your offer if you would like to ask!

Apr 09


Apr 07

Anonymous asked: Do you only do illustrations or do you do comics or art for video games as well?

I sometimes made such short comics but I have no time to do now.:(
imageAaand I haven’t work for video game yet! Someday I wanna join some game project if I could!

nquetzl asked: Hey Nemuri, following the hulk hogan/pokemon post, did you watch wrestling growing up? and if so, what wrestlers did you see (like Macho Man randy savage, Chyna, Lita, Stone cold steve austin, etc?)

Ahhh I used to watch WWE/WWF when I was a high school girl! (I was just a normal high school student you know.)
Well, I was a fan of The Rock, HHH, and The Undertaker. But most I supported is Kurt Angle. His mike performance is really hilarious and I always said “WHAT?” during his speech.


Apr 04


Apr 03

erachima asked: Are the bee knights from a game? If not, they should be. Bee Chess would be fun.


They came out from my head suddenly, and actually some people said they need to become a video game. But your idea sounds great too!

Apr 02

Anonymous asked: You are a cutie.


Mar 31