racconconnoisseur asked: are you going to do any Rocket Raccoon art soon?


Actually I didn’t know the character until he showed up in MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3. XD
Want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy!

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Anonymous asked: ピーチ姫の漫画ですが、作画は桜玉吉先生だとおもいます~


Nintendo Powerはほんと長編漫画の宝庫ですね

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the-original-antlerbrows asked: Do you mind if people draw fan-art of your characters? :D


Sure is!:D
Some friends and kind people drew my OCs!^3^
They are my great treasures!

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robofaget asked: かなり前の話ですが、The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck の絵を描いたね?その漫画、日本語で読めたの?探しても和訳がなかなかみつかれないんだけど



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Nintendo Comic Peach > Any other Peach.


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Thanks for many comments and notes about this post!
Thanks for your concern but I’m ok! Because English is not my first language so I didn’t understand “hate” or “shitty” how rude the words mean.
I don’t feel any anger or any sad. Just I think the anon isn’t taught much English words to express his/her opinion by parents and teacher. And it’s not his/her fault.
On the internet, people become to addicted to rude words. and also can injure someone’s feelings casually. But a person who values his “words” highly can thinks deeply and exactly. It’s not my word. I heard it from my teacher in my childhood. haha. 
Anyway I didn’t know most of worker drones are female bee! Is that mean I should draw female bee knight? XD

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Anonymous asked: I love your work but I hate your bee character. All the bees in a typical colony setting are female. It's just shitty that you are adding to the pile of predominately male bee and ant characters.


Sorry for my ignorance! I didn’t opted biology in my high school. I preferred geoscience in that time.

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